Dig into another serving of Circus Smirkus! This season, we follow a new recipe to whet your appetite, exploring the culinary arts and food’s fantastic flavors in our Big Top bistro. It’s a multiple course menu with acrobatic hors d’oeuvres, juggling sous chefs, sweet and sour unicycles, and high frying aerialists. Every delicious discovery is freshly baked fun, spiced with excitement, sautéed in silliness, with a pinch of whimsy. Something taste funny? Must be the clowns!

So grab your fork and tuck in your napkin for a tasty triumph, as Circus Smirkus proudly presents the 2015 Big Top Tour: Bon Appétit!

Please note: Tickets go on sale May 1st!

Smirkus Summer Camp

Registration for our 2015 Smirkus Camp sessions is now open. Please click here to register! Want to run away to Smirkus Camp this summer? We’re hiring! Click the link for more details on how to WORK FOR SMIRKUS!


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